West Hollywood Homies

Officially on the road! I made great time to LA after a nice breakfast with the parental units.

My friend from high school Nikki (tpf whaaat) welcomed me when I arrived and I got to meet her bf Jared and their new kitty, Garcon (I keep accidentally calling him Gaston, maybe it’ll stick).

They indulged my tourist needs and we headed down to Hollywood Blvd for dinner and see the sights. It was probably best we went later in the day, the crowds were overwhelming enough as it is. Grrrrreat people watching.

My favorite sight was the Chinese Theater. It inspired some Wikipedia research on Sid Grauman, quite a character. Donald Duck has left his mark there, almost as good as Puddles.

Afterwards I got a driving tour of West Hollywood, Sunset,
Beverly Hills, and Melrose. All from the back of Nikki’s Jetta 🙂 thanks guys!