About The Trip

The inevitable question for every twenty-something graduate of any degree, background, and personality is:

What are you going to do next?

Did you do it?!

Despite the sincerity and consideration behind this question it sure gives me a headache. Largely because the truth requires even more explaining. My answer:

Spend the fall on a road trip around the U.S. for 3 months.

Typical response: Wow. Why? With who? The most in-depth answer that I have not yet given to any single person at any single given time:

I want to spend this fall driving around the U.S. for several reasons. Truthfully, it started out as one: to go on an epic adventure! When better of a time to do it than when the realization that college and the routine of secondary education is at an end? No better time. (Don’t worry I won’t answer all of my rhetorical questions)

After that it grew out of the fact that I am extremely stubborn and love a challenge. I knew that in order to actually do this trip I would have to start telling everyone I was doing it (queue peer pressure). My family, friends, advisors, classmates, strangers. They all had to know. One evening someone offered forth an even greater challenge. A close friend at the time simply said “I don’t think you’re going to actually do it.” My response, “Well, now I have to!” I believe a bet was made but I have long forgotten the terms, I’ll try to collect anyway.

Another factor in this equation is my love of travel. I love it. Going new places, seeing new things, meeting new people and above all how you can learn in such a different way. I have been backpacking in Europe, on West Coast road trips, wandering Mexico City, all have been fun and awesome but this time around I’m ready to learn about the oddities closer to home. Time to burst the West Coast Bubble.

Finally, the moment I started reading about all the quirks and characteristics of each place I plan to visit. The fact that there are so many different types of BBQ! All the people who I can see who I might not see otherwise. I can hardly sit still.

So beginning on September 16th, 2011, I will leave that college degree, years of work experience, and huge wardrobe at home. Instead I will be roaming with my car and my various partners in crime to see all that I can see.



1 thought on “About The Trip

  1. As one half of the parental unit being driven crazy, I speak for both of us when I say we said our good byes to Cara this morning with such mixed feelings….so proud that once again she has set a goal, worked towards it and is well on her way to achieving it. So nervous that she and Velma will be out in the world & on their own….Robert put it so elequently this a.m., the car and it’s contents can easily be replaced but Cara is irreplaceable and her first goal (beyond all the great food, people and experiences) is to keep herself safe….can’t wait for Christmas! S

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