Life on the Road

After two months traveling the lack of a routine has become the norm, each day is new and different but the hectic pace of a normal vacation fades. Every day I see so many things, meet new people, and no matter where I look there is something unique and different. When I do have a moment to pause it all catches up to me, how much I’ve done in only a few days. What day of the week is it? Where were we two days ago? Honestly, it all blurs together in a wonderful way, each memory and city its own experience. Together each piece makes a colorful whirlwind of memories that has been my trip around the country.

As a result of not having my own routine, many habits, such as blogging, fell by the wayside. I have been so busy living! However, writing about my travels is extremely important to me. It lets me look back and really appreciate everywhere I’ve been, all the things I’ve done, and above all, the wonderful people I’ve spent time with.

Although it may take a while I am determined to fill in the gaps and put to paper (or screen) the full account of my trip.

As I continue to update, click on the photo or link to read about each leg:

The Triangle

Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, NC



Mongolian Beef and Growlers

Charlottesville, VA


Cheers, We’re Cousins!

Richmond, VA


Visiting Verville

Merry Point, Northern Neck, VA


COWs-Citizens Of the World

Washington DC




Shucking Thanksgiving

Back in Charlottesville, VA



Philadelphia, PA




The Biggest City

New York, NY


Grandpa Frank’s Driving Tour

Akron, OH


Liam, Deep Dish Pizza, and Sacks of Potatoes

Chicago, IL




Just a Taste

Milwaukee, WI


Those Friendly Midwest Folk

Madison, WI



With love from the road,


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