Sickness and See You Soons in Atlanta

My time in Atlanta was short but sweet. We arrived after a long drive from New Orleans to Louisa’s house. Louisa was a dear friend of my grandmother Kittye Mae’s and was kind enough to take us three in. Her husband Jerre stayed up to meet us and introduced us to our new best friend: the home theater. We rallied to watch The Hangover, it was even funnier than the last time I watched it!

The next morning though, things had caught up with me. I woke up with a foggy head, scratchy throat, and could no longer deny it: I was sick. Luckily I was in a pretty good place to be under the weather. Louisa broke out the medicine cabinet and soup while Dakota and Rach headed out to sightsee. They visited the MLK Jr. sites, the Aquarium, and Sweetwater Brewing while I watched more than a little TV.

We spent the evening at the house and I was feeling much better, definitely well enough to play some Rockband with Louisa’s son Adam! We had a ball but had to get ready for the next morning, the girls were going home 😦

All three of us got up real early so we could have breakfast at THE original Chick-Fil-A aka the Dwarf House. It was an appropriate southern send-off before Dakota’s morning flight. Kisses and good-byes, we’ll see you back West!

Rach and I returned to the house for a bit and I rested up for the next stop of the day: The Margaret Mitchell House where Gone With The Wind( Rachel’s FAV book) was written. The tour was very interesting and gave the classic so much more meaning for me. Plus, who knew Margaret Mitchell was such a b.a.?

We had lunch and before too long it was time to take Rachel to the airport! Where had the month gone?! Back at Atlanta International we said farewell, unloaded the bags, and my Partner-In-Crime headed back West.

Thank you for a wonderful adventure Rachel! Every single up and down, windy road, border crossed and self-revelation was a delight. I will remember it always! And thank you Kota for a terrific birthday present: You!

Can’t wait to see you both SOON!

Thursday evening I had a great time with Jerre, Anna, and Adam. We had a lovely dinner and even got treated to dessert. The next morning, clean laundry in tow, I repacked the car and made a full day out of my drive to Savannah. My next PiC would be a pro: Mom!

With love from the road,


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