Straight Across Mississippi to Lake Guntersville

Hardly anything could stand in our way last Friday, we were on a mission! To drive from Arkansas to my Uncle Keith and Aunt Bev’s house in Guntersville, Alabama. What lay between us? The state of Mississippi. No biggie.

Entering Mississippi October 14th, 2011

We arrived in Guntersville in the evening and were welcomed to the Lake! After a delicious dinner we called it a night early since we we would be getting up early in the morning for SAILING!

I didn’t realize until I got on board that I was going through a sailing withdrawl! It started out overcast, light, and shift but turned into a beautiful day with a nice breeze (still shifty though!). Everyone at the Sailing Club was very friendly to Rachel and myself. We had fun out on the water, Rachel had never been sailing before! Uncle Keith was brave enough to let me steer đŸ™‚ and we enjoyed out fair share of chex mix.

That evening we stayed at the Club for dinner and awards, Velma is now sporting a 1st place sailboat trophy, woot woot!

Sunday we took it easy, got our dose of grease at the Huddle House then headed to see the view from the state park. It was beautiful but we could still see the destruction from the tornado that gave Guntersville a shake up last April. On the way back we may have gotten a wee bit lost be we certainly saw the countryside!

Monday we “did” Guntersville, checked out the shops, went to Wintzell’s for lunch and had catfish for dinner! All you could ask for in a day! We also taught Rachel the family card game 3-13 during our visit, she beat both Bev and I! Beginners luck! We will see if that luck sticks around while we travel on.

Tuesday morning, we meant to leave by 10:00am. Of course we didn’t. However when we left we were well fed, Velma was clean, and we had clean laundry! Not much more two traveling girls could ask for! Thank you SO MUCH for your hospitality Keith and Bev, you were our home in Alabama! We will never forget it.

A video of our sailing adventure to come!

With love from the road,


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