The Culmination of All Things Texan

In Dallas we visited the Fried Food Capital of Texas (aka the World) we really had no clue what we were getting in to!

After leaving Houston we found our homey, if dilapidated, Motel 6 in Dallas (it did not replicate San Antonio’s jazzy accommodations unfortunately) and well, made ourselves at home!

The drive between Houston and Dallas was about four hours long and unfortunately, we did not find our passion in country music to distract us, haha. We spent Monday evening hanging out in our hotel room, watching movies.

Recently I have begun to miss my friends desperately. Some people get homesick, I think I get friend sick! Luckily plenty of friends responded to me call of relative loneliness; Thank You Burke, Alan, Courtney, Adrian, Laura, Lisa, Liz, Dakota, Elliot, Phil, Bryan, Nick, Stephanie, Brittany, Gina, Matt, and Jake. One of the most ironic things about being on the road is whether I am in great company (coughRACHELcough) or flying solo, I miss people oh so much!

So, that fried food, oof. We slept in on Tuesday and geared up for the State Fair of Texas (add a twang, every time you say it!). When we arrived at the Fair we came across a good bit of luck! We got one ticket for free, along with a discount on the other. We also bought some “coupons” which are used as currency at the fair for cheap from people leaving the fair. All in all it was a grand and affordable time 🙂

Also, again it had to do with food, go figure! We toured the fair but really, we were ready to try some of this famed food. First, we sampled the fried beer, yes, FRIED BEER. It was like ravioli, fried, with warm beer in the middle, oh, and with nacho cheese. Ultimately it is not tasty, at all. BUT it is quite the experience and you get to say you tried it!

We only sampled on of the Big Tex Choice awards, the Buffalo Chicken in a Flapjack, read more here, which was delicious and served with syrup! We rounded out our dinner with classic Corny Dogs and pear ciders. Somehow, don’t ask me how, we resisted the Fried Bubblegum and Butter. We did however witness a pig race, I rode on the tallest ferris wheel in North America, AND we saw the worst light show eva. I am sorry Dallas you can’t do trashy-trippy flower lights followed by pro-America jams, it just doesn’t work!

After throughly enjoying the fair we called it a night, the next morning we got up and headed downtown. We toured the 6th Floor Museum, quite accurately titled as it is a museum on the 6th floor of the building. Why is it important? Why it is where JFK was assassinated.

Although repetitive, the museum does a wonderful job of covering JFK’s rise to power (rather concisely) and then detailing the dangerous tour to Texas that lead to his untimely end (rather repetitively). In the concluding exhibits they teasingly mention multiple conspiracy theories which fascinate me but, they only mention them, god forbid they elaborate! It is a very well done museum and over all downtown Dallas surprised me,

We visited the official JFK memorial, and had lunch at a small grill which overlook a uniquely designed tower for which we could not find any purpose via our smart phones (a radio show, club, and restaurant use to be up there…). After lunch it was time, time to drive to Arkansas.

Thank you Texas, you were wonderful, unexpected in so many ways and larger than life, I will see you again someday!

With love from the road,


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