Finally Feeling Fall

I have two apologies to make. First, I apologize for not taking advantage of the internet when I could and updating my blog as religiously as I should! Second, I apologize for my love of alliterations which will routinely appear in my titles. Allow me this guilty pleasure!

Fruita was a wonderful respite from my outdoor excursions! My first day with the McCoy’s (cousins on my Dad’s side) was incredibly relaxing. I slept in a wee bit, did laundry, learned about Mary Jane and my great-uncle Robert’s routine, uploaded photos, and lolled about in several key locations at the house.

I had a great time visiting with everyone! Considering I hadn’t seen them since I was very small it was wonderful to spend time and make memories with everyone. Thank you for everything Mary Jane, Bryan, Robert, Justin, and Jessica!

In addition to taking a breather from life on the road I checked out downtown Grand Junction with Mary Jane, had some wonderful gelato mmmmm, and learned some hilarious tales about my grandmother, Kittye Mae.

On Wednesday the 28th I woke up early and drove to the (absolutely stunning, super cool, have to go back) ski town of Telluride. The drive was stunning, as Velma chugged up hills gaining altitude the aspens grew in number and the color, absolutely indescribable! Look:

My friend Calla from sailing (sailors, sailors, everywhere!) has been living there for about a year now. After doing some wandering around of my own I meet Calla at her too cute green house just a few blocks from the main street.

In true traveling sailor fashion I simply hopped on the Telluride bandwagon as Calla graciously included me in her evening plans. We prepared for a potluck, braved a hangover and altitude sickness alike with a handy dandy can of oxygen, and caught up as if no time had passed. The potluck was very fun, it was cool to see such a close-knit group of young people not in college, it gives me hope! The fun is not over yet!

We called it a night relatively early. Calla, Pooner, and I settled in for some cribbage and a very necessary viewing of Moonstruck.

Image courtesy of

Oh Cher, and a young Nicholas Cage. And all that hair, dear god!

Thursday morning we made the full tour of Telluride. Breakfast at The Butcher and The Baker (cheese and ham croissant) fueled us for the quick walk around town. One of my many favorite stops was in Town Park where Calla explained, “I can’t pick which view is my favorite, they’re all good.”

My solution: 

We meandered across town to the gondola. Swoosh! Up the mountain for an even closer view of the electric yellow trees. This time of year the mountain is bare and Mountain Village is like a ghost town. Calla described her normal commute on the gondola and how rad the whole resort is in winter. I have to come back!!!

Once we completed our gondola tour we got one of the impulses, that tickles that back of your brain. First, one person makes the suggestion, half-joking, then the accomplice repeats the suggestion, pondering the possibility. Finally, a goofy grin appears on both fools faces and there can be only end result: Bloody Marys! And some cribbage of course. We capped off our tour of Telluride with a toast and a tie in our cribbage series. Until next time Calla… 🙂

After my grand time in Telluride I drove over the hills and through Grand Junction back to Fruita for one more night with the McCoys and their latest guest: My Dad! Our visits were so close to overlapping that I had to make it happen!

I had a lovely evening first hearing old family stories and then hanging out with Justin and his girlfriend Jessica. At least until I fell asleep while watching Family Guy, classic. The next morning was cleaning day in the house so the Roberts (my dad and great-uncle) stayed clear by sitting outside. It was great company before I got back on the road. Many thanks to the McCoys and I can’t wait to see you all again soon! (Justin you really do need to come see the ocean, its pretty swell…pun intended).

Next destination: Denver Baby!

With love from the road,


1 thought on “Finally Feeling Fall

  1. Cara, loved the photos of the trees and growth around Telluride (sp.) would want to go back there for sure!. Enjoy your postings! Love,Mumsie

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