The First Hiccup

Oh no! My departure date has been delayed! An alternator problem that was supposedly fixed earlier this summer, wasn’t! As soon as I begin to lose faith in the mechanics that helped me in Seattle our local mechanic came to the rescue and helped fixed the valiant vehicle Velma. However, the uncertainty and lack of access to my car meant I had to delay for a day.

I think it is a good sign though because:

  1. Everything happens for a reason
  2. The problem presented itself 48 hours before we began to drive south, not while driving south!
  3. My best friend Liz decided to come to town the very day I was planning to leave
  4. There is less traffic on Saturdays (in the Bay Area at least, I don’t believe traffic ever stops in LA)

So, I may have to give up paying homage to Sandra Dee’s burial site and seeing all the stars on Hollywood Blvd but it seems a fair trade.

New departure time: Saturday 6:00am

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